Contact Information & Fees/Insurance

Tina Ensminger Counseling

Appointments available Monday through Thursday, 10am-6pm

Phone: (206) 650-0254   I welcome your call and do require a phone screening prior to scheduling

Please note: If you contact me after hours Thursday through Sunday, you may not hear back from me until Monday. 

Location: My office is located in North Bellevue, near the intersection of I-405 and 520, five minutes north of Downtown Bellevue. We are west of 405 and North of 520, very close to the South Kirkland Park and Ride. Easy access from 520, 405, Kirkland or Bellevue from 112th  Ave. NE or 116th Ave NE

Fees: My fee for therapy is $140 for individual and couple sessions and $170 for Initial intake sessions. All sessions are typically 55 minutes in length.

Insurance: I am in network with Premera and LifeWise. I take payment at time of service and give you a monthly statement to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.

Couple Counseling: Please note that most insurance plans do not cover couples counseling when the focus is on the relationship itself and not one of you having a diagnosable mental health condition. If a partner is allowed to be in the session, it is only in support of a therapy that is focused on the “patient” dealing with their mental heath issues. My ethics will not allow me to send bills to the insurance company stating that this is the case, when the reality is that you are there together as equal participants, working together on your relationship.

There are some insurance companies who have recently shown a willingness to reimburse for actual couples/relationship counseling. To find out if yours is one of them, call the number on the back of your card, ask for benefits information and then specifically ask these two questions: “Do you reimburse for procedure code 90847? (This code indicates that there are two of you in the counseling office at the same time) and: “Do you reimburse for diagnosis code Z63.0?” (This code more accurately reflects what is happening and what will be the focus of counseling, i.e., “Relationship Distress with Spouse or Intimate Partner).

Questions? Email or call and I would be happy to speak with you. *Please allow 24hr for a response.