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about Me

I first thought about becoming a therapist when I was still an adolescent. My step-sisters and I created a pretend call-in radio show in which I was "Dr. Tina," the  psychologist taking their calls. Instead, I became a registered nurse and worked ten years in the field, all the while drawn to tending my patients' emotional concerns as much or more than their physical ones. I recognized the emotional impact of physical illness as individuals and families adapted to new diagnoses or experienced grief and loss around changes in their own or a loved one's health status. 

So I returned to school to become a Marriage and Family Therapist and worked several years as a youth a family counselor at an Eastside agency until opening my private practice in Bellevue. 

In addition to being a nurse and psychotherapist, I am a daughter, a partner and a mother, and these life experiences also inform my work with people. 

I am passionate about my work and desire to offer hope through encouraging, empowering and educating those with whom I am privileged to cross paths.